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So, I noticed that Foxy is the tallest of all the characters, and I wanted to know just how much taller. In the first frame I noticed that his right foot and the top of his head align with the door perfectly. I found that the average height of a door is 6’8, but he is being compared to a closet door in the first frame. Closets are approximately 6’5-6’6, which would make the top of his head 6’5 ish.

In the second frame, his ears have to be at least 2 inches. Average ceilings are anywhere from 7’ to 8’, so if we say that this hallway ceiling is 7’, then his ears are very close to the ceiling.

If the top of his head is 6’5, and his ears look halfway the distance from his head to the ceiling, which is approximately 7’, then from his feet to his ears he is approximately 6’8.

This is a TALL fox.

(Again, only approximations)


There’s the idea that each suit at Freddy’s moves like it does because
that’s how the children acted before they died. Bonnie is so aggressive because she put
up a fight; Chica has her mouth constantly hanging opened because she screamed the 
whole time; Foxy dashes to your office because he tried to run from the murderer; 
Freddy only comes out in the dark because he hid in the back room until the owner 
turned out the likes, luring him out with a false sense of security. And Golden 
Freddy, Freddy’s brother or twin brother, laughed hysterically as he was killed.

fun fact i’m crying bc these children make me so upset lmao

designs are from this post !! they’re super nice wow

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